Design innovative blog posts in WordPress with Elementor – Secrets You can’t Afford to Miss

When it comes to managing websites on other platforms, you should have some knowledge of the front end and back end programming to resolve technical glitches if occur.

If you are not familiar with coding, you might need an expert to resolve these kinds of issues. But fortunately, in the case of WordPress, you should not need too much indulgence in coding, and you can manage your website very easily. This is one of the main reasons that many people are moving toward this paradigm. The majority of bloggers use WordPress-based websites as it contains built-in plugins and Elementor.

Create a blog page or blog post in WordPress

Do you want to create blog posts using WordPress? If you are a blogger then WordPress is the best platform that can help you out. You can use WordPress to create innovative posts that reflect your thoughts.

For this purpose, some predefined themes and plugins are available to add to the meaning of your posts. Moreover, you can easily work with blog posts or blog pages without any difficulty.

If you are thinking about the main difference between blog posts and blog pages we are going to clear you in detail. A blog post is just a single article that covers some specific topic containing the name of the author along with the date of publication. Not only this but people can also comment on your blog posts.

On the other hand, a blog page is a repository that contains many blog posts that are displayed to people according to their newest or oldest time of arrival.
People can pick up any blog post from a blog page according to their choice or interest. So, this is the main difference between blog posts and blog pages that can help you differentiate between both of them.

You can also easily create blog-relevant posts or pages by using Elementor, which is considered a solution to all problems, and you can style as you want.

Advantages of Designing Posts with Elementor

Elementor is considered the top and most suitable website development platform for WordPress that allows web creators to design proficient, colorful websites with all those flexibilities that a non-technical person wants.

Furthermore, it provides relaxation by keeping you away from coding. Huge businesses and many bloggers are using websites with the support of Elementor. Flexibilities that you can achieve by using Elementor are stated below. Let’s have a look!

Multiple developments by using a single platform

If you want to develop pixel-oriented posts or enhance the website development process, Elementor can provide you with all functionalities that you dreamed of. You have a live view of changes and can know how your website will look after these changes. This way you easily take a decision either to keep these changes or discard them.

Websites gadgets along with a strong template library

It can save your worthy time and startup your website design procedure or have the ability to find the best template from a library that includes beautiful and innovative designs. By applying full website kit to have a website in a snap which comprises of Homepage and more.

Highly responsive

Thirdly, it can change the content and presentation of your created website for different devices. By using Custom Breakpoints, your users will get the best experience who are viewing your website by using PC, tablets, mobile phones, or laptops.

Design the Best Blog Post – Use these Elementor Features

Moving forward, if you are willing to create blog posts by using Elementor, then you might want to know which features an Elementor have.

By using an editor, you can change the whole appearance of your site. It includes Drag & Drop Editor which allows you to visually change different parts of the website by just dragging and dropping and you can set it to look attractive with different tools.

In addition, it already contains up to 300 templates that you can use according to the content of your website. You can do all this editing without doing the coding.

You can use Dark Mode for your websites to look more appealing. To look up the specific feature, you may use Finder which will help you to find data reducing your time spent on searching.
Furthermore, you can use a blend mode to make your blog post-multi-colored and more attractive. Not only this but you can also use gradients color according to your taste.

How to Design a Blog Post in WordPress Elementor?

Elementor contains strong features that can completely modify your website looks or your blog page and blog post’s appearance. If you intend to use Elementor then you need to follow the given below points.
First of all, you need to select any theme of your own choice. Mostly, Hello Theme is suggested because it contains the best design which lets you search and modify your design in the way you like. Elementor has many widgets that ease its designing and increase the functionality of your blog posts or page efficiently and much easier.

Header and Footer

The header and the footer are considered essential parts when it comes to designing a blog page. Elementor permits you to add headers and footers effortlessly to your blog page.

Moreover, you can also modify it the way you like. It is your choice to add buttons of the size of your choice, add the company’s logo with the drag or drop option or you can also change the color and select which you like.

To include a header and a footer in your blog page or blog post, just do the following:

  1. First Move to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > Theme Builder
  2. Select the ‘Add New Template’ option and then pick ‘Header’.
  3. Name header template and then select ‘Create Header’.
Now you can build a template from scratch or select from the already available template file. In this way, you can adjust the header and footer in your blog post by using Elementor.


The most significant part of the whole setup is blog posts. Elementor posts widget permits to drag and drop the widget in such area the area where you think it is more suitable to place. Let’s see how you can modify your posts by using the Elementor editor. Anything can be modified from style, the number of posts, and the length of text.

  1. Navigate to the Elementor editor and pick the Posts Widget.
  2. You can drag and drop it into an area where you want it to appear.


Buttons are an essential gadget because it acts as an important part in making easy navigation and call to action. The Elementor button feature makes it completely simple to make buttons and modify them in such a manner as you like. You can change their size, color, and font too.

  1. Move to Elementor editor then select the Button Widget.
  2. Drag and drop in an area where you want to place.

Furthermore, you can also select animation if you want to add it is totally up to you. So, you can also create buttons according to your desire and use them in the place where you want to place them.


Popups are a very useful way to grip the attention of users and to let them make an action that you want they should take, for example, subscribing. This way, you can design attractive pop-ups by using Elementor that immediately grip the attention of people. In addition, elementor consists of an incredible pop-up builder which adds popups to your blog page.

By following given below simple procedure:

  1. By WordPress dashboard, just navigate to Templates > Popups.
  2. Give a name to your template and then click Create Template.
  3. Click on Publish, afterward save, and finally close.
  4. Now you need to open a new page in the Elementor.
  5. Drag in the button widget.
  6. Under option Layout, select Link > Dynamic > Actions > Popup.
  7. Select Popup > Open Popup > Select the popup which you have created.
  8. Then, move to the live page, click on the button and view the popup that appears
By following these simple and clear steps, you will easily create an innovative blog post by using Elementor along with the popups option.

Final words

In this article, we have elaborated effectiveness of using Elementor for blog posts in WordPress. Not only this but we have also discussed the best ways to design blog posts in elementor.

Elementor contains a lot of features that completely change the look of your website in such a way as you want to do it. If you are not much familiar with coding, you can also customize your websites according to your choice. Everything is much more flexible to implement. So, if you are not using Elementor up till now then you should think about it.