An Ultimate Guide to WordPress Elementor: Reason of its use & Characteristics

WordPress is worldwide open-source content management system that is used by websites to create and maintain their content. If you want to share your article about fashion, education, fitness, exercise relevant data with attractive images and color schemes to increase readability of article then WordPress is best choice. The positive and flexible point of WordPress is that it is not much complicated and anyone can use it easily to use with some effort. In other website development, you should have knowledge of HTML language and CSS, but in WordPress there is no such compulsion so you can easily learn how to build WordPress websites.
Question is that how you can glorify your content by using WordPress. The answer is that many built in plugin and software are available that assist you to do whatever you want.

Intention behind using WordPress Elementor

WordPress Elementor is a built-in plugin that creates attractiveness in your WordPress website. It gives you option to add headings, text, color schemes of your own choice. WordPress Elementor allows you to make a WordPress Elementor blog post attractive or it can manage your whole WordPress website. You obviously want to know either all this text Editor, color themes, images and video attachments on website wallpapers are coding based or not.

Fortunately, it is very simple and all of the stuff on WordPress to manage your website content is Graphical based and not much technical that is one of the biggest reasons of popularity behind WordPress based websites and many companies are moving towards WordPress paradigm.

WordPress Elementor allows you to

WordPress Elementor versions

Many plugins available on WordPress are free, you can use them without paying. If we talk about WordPress Elementor plugin then it has two versions that are

WordPress Elementor basic free version

If we talk about WordPress Elementor basic version, it is completely free and has a variety of options and features that can change look of your WordPress website blogs look, it contains a drag down editor, you can design WordPress website blog posts according to your taste. So, if you are a beginner then WordPress Elementor basic version is sufficient for your website needs.

WordPress Elementor pro version

In WordPress Elementor pro version, you have to pay according to your intended package on the basis of year. In WordPress Elementor pro version, you get access to professional level of basic WordPress Elementor features as well as many new features that do not include into WordPress free version.
This version is recommended to use when you are using a professional and very huge website otherwise WordPress free version is enough for you.

WordPress Pro version packages

If you want to buy WordPress pro version, there are different packages that are available that you can avail according to your requirements. If you are taking WordPress pro version just for 1 site you have to pay $49 for 1 year and for 2 sites you have to pay $99 for 3 sites and this price reaches to $999 per year for 1000 websites.
Question you can ask that do I need to use WordPress Elementor? Simple and clear answer is yes, if you want to make traffic-oriented website then, yes WordPress Elementor is a basic requirement that is mandatory to fulfill to attract audience. Till now, we have discussed WordPress Elementor basics, now we will discuss some practical steps regarding WordPress Elementor.
How to install WordPress Elementor? For the sake of installing WordPress Elementor, follow given below instructions:

WordPress Elementor basic version installation

Now you can easily make your posts by help of WordPress Elementor like what you want to make it.

WordPress Elementor pro version installation

You need to buy a copy of WordPress Elementor pro version for using it. After purchasing, download it in form of a zip file. Then move towards plugin>add new>upload plugin and upload downloaded zip file there. After uploading there, Activate it.  After it, go to Elementor>license to keep it activated on your site.
After installation of WordPress Elementor, next step you need is to know how to use WordPress Elementor.

Using Elementor in WordPress steps

In WordPress Elementor pro version, you have toa When you intend to create WordPress website blog posts, edit with Elementor button to launch Elementor editor. By clicking on library, you can use WordPress built-in template, but if you want to create WordPress website blog posts by using your own skills. A variety of features and tools are available that you can use to create. pay according to your intended package on the basis of year. In WordPress Elementor pro version, you get access to professional level of basic WordPress Elementor features as well as many new features that do not include into WordPress free version.

Hello Elementor theme

Theme changes overall look of WordPress websites. Hello Elementor is one of the finest themes that you can use to make your websites attractive and basically you don’t get too much glitches and no need to indulge too much in coding. Questions arises in your mind that what features or advantages you will get from this theme.
There are many benefits for selecting this theme that are listed below:
When any new version of Elementor is released, maximum testing is done by using the Hello theme. It is always a priority of developers to make sure that Hello theme is always efficient and have fastest speed.
If you are dealing with landing pages then Hello Elementor theme can be a better and more accurate choice because it has ability to load landing pages faster and quicker than others.
By using this Elementor, you will face least technical faults and glitches as well as there is no much compatibility issues between themes or plugins. You will experience better with it.
It is a lighted theme because it is void and out of scripts and designs. Everything you done with it by using builder theme.
The theme is completely free to use. So, you can use this theme and design your sites and make it professional in your own style.
These are some of the advantages that Hello Elementor Theme provides you. If you are interested and willing to use this theme then hurry up!!  Start today by downloading from this link and if you want use pro widgets then buy this Elementor.


WordPress is becoming most popular platform for creating websites and writing blogs because of its flexibility and non-technicality. It contains many built-in plugins that are used to create amazing WordPress blog posts. WordPress Hello Elementor assets you to change the outlook of your websites and increases chances to gain more traffic towards your website. In this article, we have touched WordPress Elementor basics in detail, its versions as well as is template that can help you to build your career in WordPress.